Student Life

Student Life: An Introduction

While you are studying here at Sunderland College we want you to have a rich and rewarding time with us and to enjoy student life. There's a wealth of opportunities for you to get involved in activities outside of your course work and to develop new skills and meet new people. Being at College is a time when you can expand your horizons and develop as an individual, ready for your future successes! 

We'd like to introduce you to some of the important features of student life here so you get the most out of your time with us:

Staying Safe

It is very important to us that everyone is safe and secure at all times whilst at College. We make sure that all our systems and procedures are set up in such a way to ensure your personal safety and well-being.  As we are a large and diverse college we need your commitment to help us make all our campuses as safe as they possibly can be.  Section 11 of your College Handbook and Charter (2019-20) contains more information about this and we ask you to please read this. There are five key sections:

  • Safeguarding
  • Abuse of Trust
  • Prevent Strategy
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Awareness

By working together in the above areas we can make all our facilities both safe and healthy places to study and work. We thank you for your co-operation.

Your Student Intranet

When you are logged into Moodle, as well as seeing the course sites for your programme of study, you'll also find your Student Intranet. While studying at the College there is a wealth of support and assistance available to you to ensure your time here is rewarding and productive. Your Student Intranet contains all the key information about the College and where to get help. You'll also find all the contact information you might need to get in touch with staff who can help you. Your student Intranet includes information on:

  • Help with Computers and Email
  • Learning Support Services
  • Welfare Services
  • Careers/Course Information and Guidance
  • Values, Beliefs and Faiths
  • Equality & Diversity in College
  • Learning Centres
  • Student Feedback

Have your say!

We listen to all our students and value your opinions. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvements and invite you to let us know what you think at all times throughout the year.

There are seven ways you can have your say!

  • Your course will have course representatives and course committees to represent you and to listen to your ideas or concerns.
  • Your Student Council (elected at the start of every year) provides you with a chance to have your say on what goes on at your campus.
  • We ask you for your opinions in our student surveys (including Ofsted and FE Choices surveys).
  • We invite you to the annual Student Conference where you can share your views with other students, staff and College managers.
  • The Student Feedback button here in Moodle gives you a direct channel to let us know your thoughts at any time of the year.
  • We have a Question of the Month that we ask (again here in Moodle) so we can hear what you think on the current topic or theme.
  • The College has a formal Complaints Procedure should you wish to complain. Full details can be found in your College Handbook and Charter 2019-20.

So there's plenty of opportunity to have your voice heard!  We value every student here at Sunderland College and your views are very important to us.

Your Student Intranet here in Moodle has a Student Feedback section to keep you up to date on all the feedback we receive from students and how the College is responding to the suggestions for improvement you gave us in your Student Surveys.

Support and advice: helping you at every stage

As a student at the College you have access to support services for every area of College life:

Learning Centres; tutorial support; help with computers and learning technology; careers and educational advice and guidance; specialist support for those who require it; additional learning support, as required; welfare and financial support; healthy living advice and counselling services.

If you're not sure of what help or support you might need you're very welcome to come and ask any member of staff at any time. We're here to help you!





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