FAQ Equipment Requests, Moves and Loans

FAQ Equipment Requests, Moves and Loans

I need to move desks - what happens with my phone/PC?

You should contact the ICT and Estates Service Desk with the date and time of move, number of staff, department and where to and from the equipment needs to be moved. The ICT Service Desk will arrange for an ICT Officer to move the equipment. You will be contacted by an ICT Officer to ensure the move is co-ordinated correctly and all assets are tracked.

No IT equipment should be moved by staff.

The physical move of furniture will be arranged via the Estates building managers, which will also be arranged by the ICT and Estates Service Desk.


I need to borrow a laptop for a few hours

The College’s ILCs each have their own sets of laptops which you can book out for short loan periods.

Some departments have their own cabinets of laptops, which may also be free – see your line manager about what might be available to you.


Can I borrow IT equipment to use at home?

The College does not have any IT equipment which staff can loan out to take home, on long-term loans.

There may be certain occasions when due to extenuating circumstances, that this is a requirement, but you can talk to your line manager to ask them to make a request on your behalf.


I need to use a laptop and/or projector in an area at the college where there currently is no setup

You can book the loan of a laptop and projector setup, by contacting the ICT Service Desk. An ICT Officer will setup the equipment for you.


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