Printing and Paper Supplies

The College has a large network of photocopiers and classroom and staffroom printers which are all connected to a centralised printing system.



The photocopiers require you to login to use them. You will use your standard network account to logon, from which you are able to Photocopy, Scan to Email or Print.

Please report any photocopier issues, including Paper Jams, Empty Paper Trays, Toner Replacements, Missing Printouts, Etc. to our ICT Service Desk.


Classroom Printers

The default printer in most classrooms will be the printer in the actual room. 

If there is a local printer in a classroom, the PCs in the immediate area will be connected to it, which should be identifiable by the room number.

Our printers use standard A4 and A3 plain white paper.



The college has a Reprographics department for bulk printing and specialist services, such as laminating, stapling and hole-punching, book binding, colour posters, etc.


Paper Supplies

The photocopiers and printers are kept supplied by paper by members of the ICT Services team. If a printer runs out of paper, please contact our ICT Service Desk.

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