Email and Communications

Email and Communications

Microsoft Outlook

Once you have obtained your username and password you will be able to access your staff email account. You will use the Microsoft Outlook application, which is automatically configured upon login to a PC or Mac.



Login: 785

Password: Greenfinch78

Email Address:


Basic Userguides for Office 2013 can be found at:


Private use of this email account is allowed and if you wish to do so, you may forward all your emails on to a personal email account. Instructions on how to do this can be found on Moodle.



Email (External Access)

If you wish to use email whilst you are off the campus, a web-based service is available to use from any PC which is connected to the Internet. Webmail can be accessed from any web browser at:



Personal Calendars

The Outlook calendar service (essentially an electronic diary) will allow you to plan meetings with other users at times when staff are free. You can also arrange to view other staff calendars and have a shared calendar if you so wish. A userguide for how to do this can be found at:



Out of Office

Whenever you are off-site or not at work, you can setup automatic replies to inform people.

A userguide for how to do this can be found at:



Bring You Own Device (BYOD)

iPhone Email Setup - Add Link to Guide – Copy:

iPad Email Setup - Add Link to Guide – Copy:



Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are used to communicate with groups of staff and students you contact regularly. Held centrally, they are a simple and effective method of communicating with staff and students.


You can also create local mailing lists using Outlook.


For more information about mailing lists visit:

Spam / Junk / Phishing Emails

Everyone will get Spam email at some point. For an in-depth guide to Spam, visit:

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