Logins / Staff Accounts and Passwords

Logins / Staff Accounts and Passwords

To access the College’s computer systems, there are several network accounts that will be setup for you. Your line manager will pass on your computer account information to you.


We have several systems that require a login, although not all staff use every system.


Computer and Email access (Active Directory)

Your main staff login will primarily be used for access to your computer and College email account.

Your staff ID number will be on your ID badge.


Login: “<staff number>”

Password: Initially set to “Password01”, (which you will need to reset to make it secure).



Login: 785

Password: Greenfinch78


You are required to reset this password every month and to avoid using the same password within a 12 month period. Passwords need to be between 8 and 14 characters long, contain a mixture of lower and upper case letters and include at least two numeric characters.


Passwords must never be disclosed to others, not even IT staff. Treat your password like you would your banking PIN number and try to memorise it.


You may need to arrange for temporary accounts for any visitors you have invited to the college. This needs to be arranged through the ICT Service Desk at least 48hrs in advance.



To manage your annual leave entitlement, view your wage slips and complete PMRs, you will need to use the iTrent system. The login account for iTrent is separate to your standard network account and has a slightly different set of rules. The login must be five digits long, made up with leading “0”s if your staff number is shorter than 5 digits.



Login: 00785

Password: Greenfinch78


iTrent passwords need to be between __ and __ characters long. They should contain a mixture of lower and upper case letters and include at least two numeric characters. You are required to change your password every 90 days, however, you may find it easier just to reset it at the same time as your standard network account.


You can also contact the ICT Service Desk to have your password reset, at any time.


Login access to other college systems

If you require access to any additional software applications or system accounts, in addition to those provided, please contact the IT Service Desk who will advise you how to proceed.


Other examples of accounts that you may need to use include the following systems:

  • Web Registers
  • Moodle
  • Alfresco
  • MyFiles
  • College Intranet
  • Columbus
  • Pro-Achieve
  • Pro-Resource
  • Pro-Engage
  • Pro-Monitor


Moodle is an easy to use web-based environment that gives you access to a range of online learning materials, user guides, information and links to resources, to help you with your studies. Access to Moodle is available on and off campus.


To login to Moodle, access is controlled using the same login and password as your College network account.


Al Fresco 

Most of the College’s documents and template files are stored on our “Al Fresco” system.




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