Welcome to Moodle

Welcome to Moodle!

As a student at Sunderland College you have access to useful information, advice and support for your studies right here in Moodle - your online learning environment!

If you haven't used a learning environment like this before, don't worry - there's plenty of help available. You'll hear more about Moodle and how you'll use it as part of your studies from your lecturers. If you have any questions: just ask!

As you may be accessing Moodle from home or your workplace we want to make sure you have help at hand in case you have any problems with it. In this section we'll take you through getting logged in to Moodle and some of the things you can do if you have any problems.

As a student you automatically get your own Moodle account that you can use at any time, both inside the College and from outside, wherever you have internet access. The web address for Moodle is http://moodle.sunderlandcollege.ac.uk. You may find it useful to add this address to your Favourites on your own computer so you can find Moodle easily in future.

Help with using Moodle

Choosing a  web browser to access Moodle

Moodle should work on most modern web browsers. We can recommend you using any of the following:

  • Mozilla Firefox 25.0 or later
  • Apple Safari 6 or later
  • Google Chrome 30.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later

Getting logged in to Moodle

Your Moodle homepage displays a Log in status at the top-right of the screen:

Moodle log in message

Click on the words Log in. This will display the Moodle login screen.

Enter your Username (this is your Student ID Number as shown on your College enrolment card).

Enter your Password (this will be the same password you use to access your College Network account).

Click the Log in button.

You'll receive your Student ID Number at the beginning of your programme.  Your Password is initially set to your date of birth as an eight digit number in the format  ddmmyyyy (eg. if your birthday is 1st February 1993, then your password will start out as 01021993). The very first time you either use a computer in College or log in to Moodle it will ask you to reset your password to something more secure.

What to do if Moodle doesn't allow you to log in

If you enter your Student ID Number and Password and you don't get through to your homepage listing your courses there are a few things to check that may be causing the problem. We suggest you try the following to see if this provides a solution:

  1. Check again that you're entering your correct Student ID Number and Password.
  2. Make sure that you are entering them in the correct case (ie. use of capitals and lower case characters in your password must be exact.) If you see the message  Invalid login, please try again  this means that your username and password are not correct. (Also,check that you don't have Caps Lock on, on your keyboard.)
  3. Make sure that your web browser has cookies enabled. 
  4. If you find that the above has not worked, we may need to reset you password. Please contact our IT Service Desk who will be able to help you do this. You can contact them on 0191 511 6888, or you can email servicedesk@sunderlandcollege.ac.uk.

My Courses are not appearing on my Moodle homepage

There will be a Moodle course site available to you for each of the courses you are studying on. You'll find these sites listed on your Moodle homepage once you're successfully logged in. The very first time you log in to Moodle you will not see your course sites as this first login simply creates your Moodle account. The second time you log in you will see your course sites so we recommend:

  1. Logging in and logging out (the down arrow next to your name at the top of the screen will take you to a Log out button.
  2. Wait 10 minutes (for your account to be recognised).
  3. Log in again.

If you do not see your course site(s) on your second login please don't worry, we'll make sure you get access to them very quickly: email us at TLA.LT@sunderlandcollege.ac.uk and we'll do the rest.

Changing your Password

You can change your password at any time by logging in to the College network and pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. On the Security screen that appears, select the option to Change Password. If you are not in College and require a password change, please contact our IT Service Desk (details above).

Starting to use Moodle

The very first time you log in to Moodle you will be invited to Update your profile. In Moodle you have a profile page that allows you to say a little about yourself and to upload an image if you choose to do so. The fields on your profile that appear in red text and with an asterix alongside them are fields that must contain some information. Once you've added some text here, scroll down and choose Update profile. (You can come back and change your profile details at any time using the Update profile link on your homepage.)

We welcome all students to Moodle and hope you find it a useful resource on your programme of study. The Learning Technology Team can help you with any problems you might have with Moodle and are there to answer your questions. You can contact us by email at TLA.LT@SunderlandCollege.ac.uk.

Last modified: Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 12:11 PM