The Tender Process

In accordance with the Financial Regulations, where the overall value of a procurement is in excess of £50,000 (including VAT), staff must contact the Director of Procurement & Governance at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss requirements and agree on the most appropriate procurement approach and commence a competitive tender process.

The tender process will be led by the Director of Procurement & Governance and will

include management and support of the following elements:

  • Production of a project plan detailing milestones and roles and responsibilities.
  • Preparation and publication of an OJEU advert (if contract above EU thresholds ) to be compliant with UK legislation, and encourage competition.
  • Use of an appropriate e-tendering solution to minimise tender timescales, mitigate risk of challenge and procurement fraud and provide clear auditable trail.
  • Advice and support for the specification writing and award criteria weighting process.
  • Guidance on the format of technical and financial evaluations, and supporting the scoring of bids against pre-determined evaluation criteria.
  • Commercial analysis of tender responses, including financial analysis.
  • Chair the tender adjudication process and undertake post tender negotiations or clarification with short-listed suppliers as appropriate.
  • Preparation of ratification report, to ensure sign off of contract award in accordance with the Financial Regulations.
  • Issue contract award documents to the successful supplier(s), and debrief unsuccessful suppliers.
  • Assistance with ongoing contractor performance management as required.
Last modified: Friday, 25 September 2015, 11:48 AM