Quotation/Tender Exemptions

Only under particular circumstances may budget holders apply for an exemption from the requirement to obtain quotations or tenders as stipulated in the College’s Financial Regulations.

Applications are carefully assessed by the Director of Procurement and Governance to ensure that the College is not at risk of breaching the law or likely to breach funding body requirements that could lead to penalties or withdrawal of funding at a later stage, (for further guidance please click here). For this reason it is imperative that staff do not make a commitment to suppliers before an exemption application is approved and plan sufficient time for a procurement process to be completed in the event that the application cannot be approved.

To download the tender exemption application, please click here.

The Director of Procurement and Governance is able to provide you with advice and documentation to assist you in obtaining quotations and for further guidance, please click here.

Last modified: Friday, 25 September 2015, 11:45 AM