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Maths Videos

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On this page you’ll find all the Level 2 maths videos created within College as part of the Video Learning for Education Project, funded by Erasmus+. They were created by a small team of College staff with contributions of animated sequences from our Digital & Computing students and of voice narrations from our Creative Arts students. Our Level 2 Maths students gave us lots of guidance and feedback throughout the project on what they wanted to see in a suite of videos for their programmes so what you see here are very much student-led resources.

Whatever your own curriculum area, we want all staff to be aware of these videos as they can be used by anyone. They can be embedded in your course sites or presentations and links can be shared with students on any courses.

As well as being available to everyone in College on Moodle, they can also be found on the project’s YouTube channel, Tutoriale-video.

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