Mental Health Strategy

Mental Health Strategy Launch

Wednesday 10 October 2018 is World Mental Health Day and the college is taking the opportunity to use this date to launch a yearlong health and wellbeing campaign around promoting good mental health for all (staff and students) within the college.


Did you know…?

  1. One in four people within the UK are affected each year by conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress
  2. Over half of adult mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) start by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 18
  3. Children from low income families are at highest risk of developing mental health problems, three times that of those at the highest
  4. Mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK which comes with a significant cost to the economy
  5. Many employees calling into their workplace with stress will give a different reason for their absence
  6. We probably all work or study with someone experiencing a mental health problem
  7. Many people with mental health problems in the UK experience stigma and discrimination


Throughout the course of our lives many of us experience physical ill health such as colds, sprained ankles etc.  Similarly, many of us are also affected by some kind of mental ill health such as depression or anxiety where changes in our lives can lead our minds to become unwell.  Fortunately, the majority of us are able to recover from such symptoms in a relatively short space of time.  But for others, this may result in a lengthy period of absence or long term unemployment.


What is mental health…?

Good mental health is when we feel that everything in our lives (for example at home and in the workplace/school/college) is in balance and that we are able to cope well with life’s challenges.  Such times enable us to feel motivated, engaged and to be resilient at times when things are not going so well and when faced with the unexpected.  Poor mental health may impact on our ability to cope with such challenges.


What we will do…?

Our yearlong campaign to promote good mental health begins today.  As a college we will promote and embed a range of initiatives including the following:

  1. Enable staff and students to feel comfortable having conversations about mental health
  2. Identification of mental health first aiders within the college
  3. Demonstrate our commitment to how we think and act about mental health in the workplace by signing the Time to Change Employer Pledge
  4. Develop a programme of physical activities to promote the benefits of physical activity on mental health
  5. Build and develop links with other employers and agencies to help promote good mental health and wellbeing within the college and within the North East.


City Spa have teamed up with the Youth working team at City Campus, and offering a Mental health morning Wednesday 10th October, 10am till 12pm, offering facials for £7.50 and Manicures for £7.50. If you are anyone you know may be interested in this event please call our reception team or pop in to see us at City Salon reception.


As part of this ongoing campaign we would also welcome any suggestions or ideas from staff about what you would like to see from the college.  Please send these to




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