100 Years of Bede - Timeline

100 Years of Bede - Timeline


1890 April 28:  Sunderland Higher Grade School opened to provide post-elementary education. The new school was situated in West Park. The Lower School catered for 9-14 year olds at 6d. (2p) per week and the Upper School catered for 13-18 year olds at 9d (4p) per week. On the opening day, 327 boys and 273 girls were admitted. Due to Staffing difficulties some classes held over 60 pupils per teacher.

1898 March 29:  Now known as Bede Higher Grade School. It adopted Geneva's motto "Post Tenebras Lux" following a visit to that city by the headmaster Mr, Ferguson. The original school badge was designed by a former Art Master, F.W.Armstrong, who included the phoenix to symbolise the revival of the name of Bede. The School magazine, "The Bedan" was published for the first time.

1903:  The Junior Department acquired Cowan Terrace School. Meanwhile the Bede came under the direct control of the Education Committee of the Corporation of Sunderland.

1905:  The Bede was recognised as a 'secondary school' and adopted the new name of Bede Collegiate School.

1911:  The Boys' and Girls' Schools became separate entities with Mr. Ferguson and Miss Boon in charge respectively.

1913:  The Corporation purchased 11 acres of land at Low Barnes to provide a new school. (Building did not commence until 1927).

1914-18:  The Great War. 950 Old Boys served in various sections of the armed forces, of whom 108 won decorations and 152 were killed.

1927:  Foundation stones of the new school were laid.

1929 October 19: The new school opened.

1938:  Extensions to the new school opened.

1939-45:  Second World War. All schools closed.

1939 September 10: 486 boys evacuated to Northallerton. 36l girls evacuated to Richmond.

1940 March 18: The Bede School re-opened on -completion of air raid shelters,

1944:  Education Act. Tripartite System introduced. The schools became known as Bede Grammar 'Schools.

1949:  Memorial Organ installed to commemorate those killed during 1914-18 and the 112 victims of World War Two.

1967 September 1:  Bede became co-educational comprehensive school.

1989 September 1: The upper building Was taken over by Wearside College as part of tertiary re-organisation.


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