If you are worried about anything or anyone, whether it's you or someone you know, please come and discuss your concerns as soon as possible with your tutor or contact one of our specially trained Safeguarding Officers here at Sunderland College.

Safeguarding Team Contact numbers:

Rachel Wiles Designated Safeguarding Lead - All Centres   0191 5116000 ext 00566
Julie Henderson All Centres        0191 5116000 ext 03536
Liz Pentecost Bede/Washington 0191 5116000 ext 02779
Peter Snowball Bede/St Peters 0191 5116000 ext 03156
Tracey Seed City Campus 0191 5116000 ext 02529
Michael Hall Vulnerable Adults 0191 5116000 ext 02443
Andrea Hunter Franchise 0191 5116000 ext 04077

If you don't want to speak to someone at College there are others you can report things to if you are worried:


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