Welfare Services

Welfare Services

Welfare Services is a department in our College that provides you with advice and support on a wide range of issues that are important to your well-being: student finances and course fee support, childcare, counselling, advice and guidance, student health, well-being and safety.

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Staying Safe

Whether you are male or female you need to be aware of your personal safety. 

Our Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Team Contact numbers:

Rachel Wiles Designated Safeguarding Lead - All Centres   0191 5116000 ext 00566
Julie Henderson All Centres        0191 5116000 ext 03536
Liz Pentecost Bede/Washington 0191 5116000 ext 02779
Peter Snowball Bede/St Peters 0191 5116000 ext 03156
Tracey Seed City Campus 0191 5116000 ext 02529
Michael Hall Vulnerable Adults 0191 5116000 ext 02443
Andrea Hunter Franchise 0191 5116000 ext 04077


Sunderland College does not tolerate bullying in any form.  If you are being bullied or are concerned about someone else being builled,  Click here to find out ways of dealing with it and the support available.


If you require the colleges Safeguarding policy or anti Bullying policy please contact 01915116000 or the Welfare Team.



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