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Understanding the risks

Gerard Elder
Understanding the risks
by Gerard Elder - Thursday, 20 May 2021, 11:44 AM

Exploring our VLE on risk-taking behaviours

Our Level 1 BTEC Health and Social Care students have been working hard on their module exploring the dangers to our health from a variety of behaviours and life-choices.

Together, they've created 'VLEs' - virtual learning environments based around three topics: smoking, drug and alcohol abuse and unprotected sex.

Enter this virtual learning environment here to find out more

The students say "We researched and gathered the important information and we applied this to our VLEs. We teamed up together to find and create a way that we could not only inform students and teens about the dangers and risks but also so that we could hopefully prevent them from partaking in risk-taking behaviour."

We really hope this information helps YOU in your decisions and choices and prevents you from the harms these things can bring.