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Myfiles now replaced by Microsoft OneDrive

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Myfiles now replaced by Microsoft OneDrive
by Dean Robson - Monday, 29 March 2021, 3:25 PM

Myfiles now replaced by Microsoft OneDrive


The myfiles web access to your College network-based file storage is being withdrawn this year. 

All students and staff now have full access to web-based file storage via Microsoft OneDrive within our Office 365 environment.

You can access Microsoft OneDrive from the Student email/ Office 365 button on the front of Moodle.

You can also click the button included here to log into Office365  

We recommend to you as a student to store your documents and files on OneDrive, as this gives you access to them from wherever you happen to be and on a range of devices.

You can also work on your files without having to download them first (as required with the old myfiles tool).

If anyone has problems accessing their files via OneDrive in Office 365, our Service Desk can help.