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Join Your Student Association!

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Join Your Student Association!
by Colin Bluett - Friday, 20 September 2019, 10:04 AM


Student Association is a group that discusses issues within your college. If you think you can change something within your college, improve your college in any way, then this is for you. Even if there are ideas that you think could help improve your college this is for you. The issues can be as big as you want them to be or as small as you want them to be and work towards them to resolve them.

Being part of the Student Association you can create your own projects in your college and hold charity fund raisers for your college. Find way’s on how to make it safer for students in the college and outside of college. Work with charity’s and promote things you are passionate about. Make a difference in your college. It’s your college.

Roles you can apply for :

Chair : Someone that will lead the group with what will be discussed and work towards solving the issues made. Setting the agenda and going through it.

Vice Chair : Someone who will take the position of the chair when absent

Secretary: Someone who will write the agendas, email them before the meeting days, write the minutes down from the last discussion and invite anyone that will help with your queries.

Rep : Someone who is bringing issues from classmates, and bringing ideas and problems and working towards making your college better.

(All positions will be voted for, anyone can join in and become a Rep to improve your college. Every students voice and opinions count.)


The deadline for applications is 4th October2019



Voting will take place between 14th October and 18th October 2019


Winners announced on the 22nd October