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Reasons2 - New Mental Wellness App Available!

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Reasons2 - New Mental Wellness App Available!
by Colin Bluett - Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 12:58 PM

A great new app is being launched to mark World Mental Health Day.

Developed by Washington MIND the Reasons2 app is available from 12.30 pm on Tuesday 10/10/17 (World Mental Health Day).

To access the app, simply visit your Apple/Android/Play Store and search for ‘Reasons2’ and download the app which comes up with the logo below:

Once you have downloaded the app you need to sign up to Reasons2 to be able to use it and you can do this by either using an email address or by signing in with Facebook. Then you can access all of the following features:

  • manage mental wellness by building your own profile of Reasons2 feel better
  • upload pictures and images that give you a feel good factor and make you smile
  • find other ways to improve mental wellness by clicking on links to other websites and information
  • share your Reasons2 with other users and see what makes them smile too
  • keep your favourite Reasons2 to see them easily and avoid scrolling through old information



For more info visit:

Or download the app at the  following: