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New Year Competition Winners

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New Year Competition Winners
by Dean Robson - Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 10:24 AM

 Well done to the winners of the New Year Competitions!


Winner Poetry Competition: Lucy Zhou, ESOL Level 2 (St Peter's)

 Winner Photography Competition: Mhia Alfakikhashim, ESOL Entry 3 (St Peter’s)

 Winner Video Competition: Adel Olabi, ESOL Level 2 (St Peter's)

 Winner ESOL Writing Competition: Rina Begum, ESOL Entry 3 (St Peter's)

 Winner Drawing/Painting Competition: Natasha Ahmed, Btec (Bede)

 Winning Poster Competition: Chanda Kumari, ESOL (Richard Avenue School)

 Winner Story Writing Competition: Connor Davis, Foundation Learning (Bede)