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  • Learning Support: Information and Guidance for Staff

    Each of the sections below contain key information for College staff on both the services offered by our central Learning Support Team and advice, guidance and 'top ten tips' for a range of conditions. We hope you find the contents of this page useful to you in your teaching and support of students. If you have any questions that aren't answered by the information in this section, please don't hesitate to ask us. Please feel free to contact any member of the Learning Support Team. Click here to meet the team.

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    Exam Access Arrangements

    Exam Access Arrangements are granted by the Examining/Awarding Body (not the College) on the basis of a learning difficulty and/or disability or medical condition and after careful consideration and assessment. Sufficient time must be given to collect the evidence for submission to the Examining/Awarding Body and for them to inform the College of their decision to allow an arrangement.

  • Topic 138

    Exam Arrangements – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    During the course of the year we find that staff have questions for us on very similar issues regarding examination access procedures. We hope that this page will be useful to you in getting a good understanding of the systems and procedures we have in place. If your question is not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact the Learning Support Coordinator at your campus.

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    Dyslexia: Top 10 Tips

  • Topic 140

    Hearing Impairment: Top 10 Tips

  • Topic 141

    Mental Health Top Ten Tips

    • Topic 142

      Top Ten Tips for people supporting learners who have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

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      Equality and Diversity and Teaching and Learning

    • Topic 144

      ADHD: Top Ten Tips

    • Topic 145

      Top ten tips for teachers working with blind or partially sighted students

    • Learning Support: Staff Profiles

      The Learning Support Team bring a wide range of expertise and experience to support our students through the course of their studies. On this page you'll find where each team member is based, their contact details and specific areas of expertise.

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      Equipment available for Learning Support

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        Individual consultation meetings are currently being arranged.

        Thank you in advance for your patience during this time.

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          Further information will be uploaded in due course.

          • Reward and Recognition

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            Below you will find the Business Case and PowerPoint for the Curriculum.

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            • Mental Health and Well-being Support

              The College welcomes learners with disabilities including those with mental health difficulties and aims to provide the appropriate support, resources, facilities, and services to enable all students to be successful in their chosen programme of study. We recognise that everyone is unique and we will work with learners to identify any barriers that exist and what can be done to overcome them. In this section you'll find links to resources selected for you by our Specialist Support Lecturer, Kevin Lynch, who advises on support for mental health issues.

            • Thank You: Send a note of thanks to your coworkers

            • Long Service Staff Celebration

            • Topic 188

            • Coronavirus Information for Staff

              As the situation with the virus changes over time, we want to keep you up to date at all times with the latest information and advice. Staff Bulletins will alert you to changes and this page will reflect all the latest developments.